The materials listed below provide a good resource library for the design and use of wood trusses. Please contact the publisher/group directly for further information.

Alpine Engineered Products, Inc.

• System 42 With Tension W4bs

• Good Connections Magazine

• Quick Reference-Fire Rated Assemblies

American Forest & Paper Association (AFPA)

• National Design Specification for Wood Construction (NDS)

• Wood Frame Construction Manual

APA – The Engineered Wood Association

• Use of Rated Sheathing in Roofs and Floors

• Fire Rated Systems

• Diaphragm Design

American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)

Minimum Design Loads for Buildings  And Other Structure ASCE7

American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)

• Test Methods for Fire Tests for Building Construction and Materials, E—1 19

Gypsum Association

• Fire Resistance Design Manual, GA-600

International Code Council

• Uniform Building Code

• Uniform Fire Code

Simpson Strong-Tie

metal connectors for wood and concrete

Southern Forest Products Association (SFPA)

• Southern Pine Maximum Spans for Joists and Rafters

• Southern Pine Use Guide

Truss Plate Institute (TPI)

• National Design Standard for Metal Plate Connected Wood Truss Construction, ANSI/TP1 1-1995

• Standard for Testing Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses, ANSI/TPI 2-1995

• Recommended Design Specification for Temporary Bracing of MPC Wood Trusses. DSB-89

• Handling, Installation and Bracing Metal Plate Connected Wood Trusses. HIB—91

Western Wood Products Association (WWPA)

• Western Lumber Product Use Manual

Structural Building Components Association