Cantilevers and Overhangs

Cantilever conditions are common in truss designs.A cantilever exists when the bearing wall occurs inside of the truss overall length, excluding overhangs , such as to form a porch or entrance way.When the bearing is located under the scarf line of the truss, no heel joint modification is needed. Wedge blocks act to stiffen the heel joint and are connected to the top and bottom chord with connector plates located over or just inside the bearing. Reinforcing members allow longer cantilevers by stiffening the top and bottom chords in the heel panel. Correct plating of reinforcing members varies from normal heel joints.


There are three advantages to using  cantilevered trusses.                                     


One: The soffit is pre-framed, saving contractor labor cost.

Two: Higher vertical truss dimension, allowing for more insulation and less energy cost.

Three: Since the roof line is raised, the height over the window is greater, thus increasing the view.


On the down side however, pre-framed cants can increase the overall cost by ten to fifteen percent.


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